Natembeya Projects in Trans Nzoia County

Natembeya Medical Camps Project

Natembeya is  a firm  believer in empowering  the  free public health sector  of Trans Nzoia County County.

He is the Founder of Natembeya Medical Camps Programme that that offers regular free Medical Camps programmes across the County with a target to have them monthly in each Ward in the County .

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Natembeya Youth Empowerment

George Natembeya  is  a firm  believer in empowering youth  of Trans Nzoia  County.

He is the Founder of Natembeya youth  empowerment Programme that supports  youth of  Trans Nzoia with Small Business Enterpreneurship  training  and mentoring programme as well as sports tournament for both  boys and girls.

In this programme registerered youth across Trans Nzoia County are  also linked with existing business and job opportunities within and outside the county according to theor skills or talent

You are welcome to support this programme financially

or in kind

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Teen Mother Support Programme

The  Covid 19 pandemic that  forced schools to close for  10  months in Kenya, worsened the problem of Teen Pregnacies in  Trans Nzoia County.

Since containment measures in Kenya were put in place, including closing schools and restricting movement, accessing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information and services  became very challenging for girls and women during that period and it lead to increased school going teens becoming pregnant and  hence dropping out of school.

This is on top of cultural expectations surrounding abstinence, which already impacted young people’s confidence in seeking sexual and reproductive health services.

According to a survey we carried out:

  • 78% of pregnant girls were not in school, and 89% of the pregnancies among girls aged 15-19 years were unintended. 

  • 40% of severe abortion complications were also reported among adolescent girls. 

  • Sexual violence is believed to affect about one-fifth of girls aunder 18, but most do not discuss their experiences or receive assistance.

  • More than half (58%) of sexually active adolescent girls in Kenya did not intend to get pregnant and have an unmet need for modern contraception. 


George Natembeya and well wishers  chose to focus on putting the affected  girls  back to school through fee payments , counselling and mentoring working  through local Chiefs and  village elders

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